Sunday, May 12, 2013

Somebody Saaave Me: Smallville Cross Stitch Sampler

I don't care how you do it just saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me~

Smallville Cross Stitch sampler! The gibberish down at the bottom is the Krypton alphabet as used in Smallville. The border is Lana's necklace. Creating the house took the longest. The pattern is pretty big -- it's about 8 1/2 x 11. This started out as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, but it's turned into a birthday present.

For all of you wanting Zelda news: The SNES swap is happening. I've got a BUNCH of sprites to edit and some dialogue. The good news is that I've got way more tools to work with -- the bad news is that they're all new tools. lol First it had to be decompressed, then my tile editor wouldn't open the new file, and now we're at the "which sprite is which" phase of the whole thing. Once I isolate Zelda and Link, I'll post some pictures.

Also everyone should check out the in-progress fan edit, Legend of Zelda Zero Legend. It's damn impressive and my Zelda will be making an appearance in all of her dresses. :D Super excited.

And now for my latest project.

My boyfriend is a HUGE Smallville fan. At least... the first few seasons anyway. He got me to watch the first two seasons, but I'm not sure I can handle much more Lana/Clark angst. But I totally get the appeal. It's a fun show.

I browsed the internet for a Smallville-themed sampler. A sampler, for those who don't know, are (traditionally) for practicing and showing off your sewing skills. They're the ones that say "Home Sweet Home" and some kind of blocky house, occasionally with family members. There's often an alphabet.

I didn't find one online, so I made one. A sampler is PERFECT for the down-home feel of Smallville. (Though, those guys have amazing cell-service in that 'remote small town'. My small town *still* doesn't have cell service in some areas. lol)

The house gave me the most trouble. White does NOT show up on yellow, so I played with a bunch of grays to outline the white. I love how it turned out.

Kryptonite Beads! That stuff is seriously everywhere in Smallville. lol

 Lana's necklace is a bit off-centered in this pic, but it's another bead. Anyone else out there who was rooting for Lex to hook up with Chloe? Girl, you can do SO MUCH BETTER than Clark. Clark is a ding-dong.

Nice, right? See the little "S"? All of the lettering at the bottom is free-handed. The grass is from a free pattern I found online and I'll link to when I dig it up again. The Kryptonite beading was my idea.

I'll post the pattern if there's interest. The pattern is pretty gnarly and it's not exactly up to DMC standard. The alphabet is all free-handed so you'd have to figure that out on your own.


  1. This is amazing work! My best friend has been such a Smallville fan ever since the premiere, she was so lost when the show ended, LOL :) I wasn't into the show (I thought Clark was bit of a "ding-dong" too, ha!), but I *am* into cross-stitch, and this is great work! Your version of the house is awesomely realistic, and the Krypton "gibberish" is a great touch, really makes you look twice! The linen you used adds to the old-time sampler feel too. Very cool :)

    1. Thanks Aurelia! It's nice to hear from a fellow stitcher. :P I don't usually do samplers and I'm really proud how this turned out. I'm glad you like the house too. That was really tricky to design! lol

      Nice blog, btw. Your embroidery skills are amazing.

  2. Oh wow, thanks so much for the compliments :) And you should be very proud!

  3. Hi, my mane is Rose and I am an Art student. I am writing an article on net art for a student journal called JAWS. I'd like to include your work on Zelda Staring Zelda and as part of this I would like to get your permission to use one of your images from your blog I'd really appreciate this as it would be a huge help to my studies. Thank, Rose

  4. Hello, Kenna! I just found your blog. I was looking for Smallville cross stitch patterns to make a framework for a friend of mine and found your beautiful! I saw that at the end of your post you said you would provide the standard here in case anyone was interested ... Could you do that? Embroidery love this beautiful design for a frame.

  5. Hi, I'm very interested in the pattern for this! We are huge Smallville fans, and I'd love to be able to make something like this for my husband! 💗