Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zelda Starring Zelda 2

Part two of the Zelda Starring Zelda project.

I was going to finish the animation and call it a day, but my boyfriend dug up the code for the opening scroll and the code for the colors, so I spent this morning making a new story and color correcting. He also wrote me a neat little Python program that searches the .nes file for the old code, then replaces it with the new code.

The Python file is on the left, the emulated file is on the right.

This isn't the grid. It's just a list of all of the possible color combinations.

The colors for this game are a bit weird, at first. Basically, the the scroll is in a big grid. The grid is separated out into blocks of 4 letters x 4 letters (for example, MANY and DARK are in the same block). The color of each block can be changed with a two-digit "hexadecimal" code. The wonderful people at "Data Crystal" (a rom-hacking wiki) have made a handy chart for working out which code to use. (so the code for MANY and DARK is 00, because both top and bottom are white.)

The 4x4 blocks are further divided into sets of 2 letters (MA   NY on top, DA   RK on bottom)

It's weird. There's such a huge rom-hacking community out there, but I think I might be the first to switch Zelda and Link.

Also, I can't tell you how much trouble it was to settle on a new opening scroll. Link was even "Prince Link" for a few hours. When Zelda and Link are reversed, Link is a really hard character to write for. Maybe that's why we haven't seen a proper Zelda game yet. Writers just assume she's boring.

Well, eff that.

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