Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zelda Starring Zelda: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Zelda wearing red and not green?
I like her in red and I didn't want her to look like Link in a dress. :) I have a purple and blue dress that I'd really like her to switch to during the course of the game, but alas, the code for the dress-changing power-up rings is hard to control.

Can you publish the python code that your boyfriend created?
Sure! I'll share the full text in the next post.

Did you call the patch "Legend of Link"?
No. I think the Legend of Zelda should star Zelda. But you can call it whatever you want. :P

Did you do this for your kid?
No, I think you're thinking of the Donkey Kong Dad, and the dad who search-replaced the pronouns in Wind Waker to make Link into a girl. This is just a personal project to right a wrong from my own childhood. I wanted to play as the princess that saves the day and now I can. 
Can you do the same thing to Link to the Past?
Yep. I think I'll do it too. It's a personal favorite of a few of my friends. It'll make a nice birthday present for them. I'll post it on my blog when I get it done.

Can you do the same thing to Ocarina of Time?
 Technically, yes. I could do a swap of Link for Zelda or Sheik (or even Ganondorf, for that matter.)  It wouldn't be a short 4-day project. It would probably be more of a 10-month project and trust me, this is not a gig that pays. lol
 The bigger issue is that I don't think I have enough control over the rest of the code to force the story to make any sense. So yeah, you could play as Shiek, but then who is in the Palace? Zelda? Is Zelda still Shiek in this game? Or how about Link? Why is Link in the palace? Is he Prince Link now? Did he marry the old Zelda? ...actually that might work. Let me get back to you.

Can you do the same thing to ---
No, but you can. Seriously. You can totally do it for yourself. It's really not that hard and there's tons of programs out there that can help you create the game that you want to play. No programming experience required.

You should do a gender-swapped Metroid!!
People keep asking for a gender-swapped Metroid as a joke, and I think it's because they actually can't think of another game that stars a girl. lol It's actually kinda depressing if you think about it.

Are you a part of a multi-national feminist cult that is plotting to ruin all fun, destroy the American way of gaming, and turn all men into women?
Yes. We meet on Tuesdays at the "New World Order Bar" in the Freemason lodge next to Bohemian Grove. Bring a dessert to share.

Wait, was that a joke?

How can I get in touch with you?
Leave me a comment here on my blog or message me through Linkedin. I'm not a big e-mail person, so this is really the best way to get in contact with me. :)


  1. Hey, it's Dexter from across the street.

    Personally, I've always wondered why there was never a game that features Zelda as the protagonist. Throughout the series, she's been a ninja, a pirate, a GODDESS, and yet she's never in a starring role.

    Well, except for the CD-i games, but those... don't count.

    1. Hey Dexter! It's nice to hear from you. I hope we get a proper Zelda game soon. I've seen some shots of the CD-i game and while their hearts were in the right place (and some of the animation is dazzling), it looks like a hot mess. Such a waste.

      I think everyone would LOVE to see a Zelda game -- especially a Sheik game. Wouldn't that be cool?

  2. Hey there, sorry if this is kind of the wrong place, I found your email but saw that it may not be working now (congrats on graduating) I found your blog because I started this page yesterday: So many similar themes, I love your work, etc: I feel rude expecting that it might be of any interest to you, but I at least wanted to share the link in case it was. (I feel like it will need all the support it can get, so I'm being bolder than I usually am) And I hope you don't mind me posting and commenting on your topics there; they're just so fabulous.

  3. Hi Kenna! I'm working on a free, open-source program that would let anyone edit various aspects of The Legend of Zelda, even if they have no technical skills. Using it, they could rewrite the dialogue however they'd like, flip the Magic Book around to face the other way if they'd prefer, fix the typos in the opening scroll (e.g., "rupy", "container heart"), and so on.

    I'd love to add your patch as one of the options, which would require redistributing the graphics you made. I would of course give you full credit for them and link back to your blog announcement.

    Is that okay?