Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zelda Starring Zelda

This was the first stage of my Zelda Starring Zelda project. With a LOT of help (thanks Computer Archeology!) and some luck, I isolated Link's animations in the .nes file and carefully edited them down to look like Zelda. The grid is helpful, to a point. Not all of the tiles line up nicely in the grid and each set had to be individually adjusted. Simon did a brilliant search trick to track down the rogue tiles. It took us hours to work it all out. lol Also, in the original game, Zelda only has 2 sets of "tiles" so I had to completely make up her back and her profiles, but I'm happy with her design.

Just fyi, this program won't edit the color information. That's harder to get to. The "palette" that you see is just for your own sanity. BUT this program edits the actual game file, so any changes you make will show up in the actual game. So poke around. Creating Zelda only took me a few hours.

Edited with Tile Layer Pro


  1. So, can you send me the colors you wanted to use for her dress, so that I can match them to an NES palette file and create The Legend of Link?

    1. Hey! So sorry it took me a few days to gt back to you! I have a list of the colors, not that they'll mean much to you, but you might be able to test them with the python file. I picked out blue 11 (a royal blue), purple 5 (my favorite. a nice deep purple) and forest green 8 or 18 (though I also liked 9 or 19). I wish there was a good way for me to send you screen shots. There were some wonderful Barbie pinks in the mix as well. I think 3 or 4 is a barbie pink. Up to you. Thanks again!